VX Commodore Fuel Consumption

The VX comes with a 75L fuel tank for the petrol models and a 60L tank for the LPG models.

Below is a table with fuel economy information for Holden's VX.

Fuel Consumption (L/100km)






Sedan V6 Automatic 11.0 6.6
Wagon V6 Automatic 11.5 7.0
Sedan V6 Manual 10.0 6.6
Wagon V6 Manual 10.5 6.8
Sedan Supercharged V6 Automatic 13.0 7.6
Sedan LPG V6 Automatic 16.0 9.5
Wagon LPG V6 Automatic 17.0 10.0
Sedan V8 Automatic 13.5 8.5
Wagon V8 Automatic 13.5 8.5
Sedan V8 Manual 13.0 7.4
Wagon V8 Manual 13.0 7.4

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