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The Holden VX Commodore was released in 2000 with further safety inclusions and considerations. After much research in collaboration with the Monash University Accident Research Centre for collision prevention, Holden incorporated safety measures designed to address the safety issues facing drivers on increasingly busy Australian roads.

The exterior features remained relatively similar to its VT predecessor, with only revised headlights and slightly modified tail lights. The introduction of a 6-speaker sound system with an 80-watt output CDE player and steering wheel controls for the stereo system was a nice touch for drivers. However, the big changes for the VX model were the safety features.

The Bosch 5.3 anti-lock braking system was included as standard across the entire VX range and traction control was also available for any manual transmission models.

Extensive modification of the B-pillars, which were further supported by energy-absorbing foam helped to provide extra protection for side-impact collisions. The risk inherent in a side-impact collision in a VX Commodore without having side air bags fitted was reduced by 50% as compared to the previous VT model as a result of these modifications.

The 3.8 litre Ecotec V6 engine had also been modified to increase the power output up to 152 kW (204 hp), yet the fuel economy had been improved over the VT model by almost 4%.

The introduction of the super-charged V6 engine in the previous model was also extended as optional for the Executive and Acclaim models in the VX, although the power output had not changed.

The powerful 5.7 litre V8 Gen III engine had also been slightly modified to increase the power output up to 225 kW (302 hp), up from the previous model’s 220 kW (295 hp). However, the 5.7 litre HSV V8 engine saw an upgrade that took the power output up to 300 kW, which proved to be very popular for the sports models and some of the luxury models.

The Series II was released in August 2001, which featured a completely revised suspensions system. The Series II also featured the addition of a new rear cross member, revised rear control arm assemblies with new style bushing. These changes resulted in more predictable car handling, precision, stability and improved tyre wear.

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